The story of an hour

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hey! eu sunt shabi si asta e primul meu post...

An old clock is ticking in the corner of the room full of smoke of cigarettes. A man is sitting at the table with a glass of wine in front of him waiting. It is just like all his life was erased from him so he didn’t have a past, a present and neither a future. His eyes were empty with a big dose of indifference in them; he didn’t care at all if he would live or die because for him it was just the same. Suddenly, the doors of his mind opened and he knew: it was time for him to leave this house, this city, in fact the life that he had till now. As he walked in the light he couldn’t help to wonder “what if I would have one more hour? What would I do?”…in reality this was the question that he never could answer, not being this close to death before. Anyhow, now, almost passing in the light of the afterlife he saw the answer loud and clear in his head like the time he listened to this question first.
It was back in 1960 and after a long day at work he came home to relax and found his fiancé crying at the same table that he stood now waiting for death to take him.  After a talk he discovered that the love of his life had cancer and she was on her last days.  “The doctor says that I have some months- the most” said the girl. “No! I would not accept that you are dying! We are going to another doctor. You will do chemo and after a while you’ll see that everything will go back to normal; you will be healthy afterwards we will get married and have kids.” said him.  She tried to explain that was nothing else that they can do and that she wouldn’t live her last days in a hospital but he wouldn’t hear her.  Poor girl, she was so young and beautiful, but now her green eyes were full of tears- not because she was dying but the one that she loved the most wasn’t listening to her. Her long-brown hair was pressed against her face like a cover for all those tears that fell down.   She just wanted to have a beautiful time before she was dead.
The next 2 or 3 months the lover boy was searching for solutions but after his job and this titanic work of trying to save his fiancé’s life, without her approval, he didn’t have enough strength to stay with her and just to be there. And so she felt so badly that she was facing death alone; without anybody left to love her the way that she wanted. She thought that it was a mistake that she told him the problem.
One day he got back home and she wasn’t there. He looked everywhere; and when he was ready to give up and to think that she left him for some other guy that wouldn’t know that she was sick, her doctor called.  He told him that ‘the love of his life’ was in hospital and he had to come quickly otherwise he might not see her again alive. So he came just in time to find out that she had just 1 more hour to live. He came in her room with tears falling down on his cheek and when he was ready to start on telling her that they will find a way to make it through she told him: “ please, don’t to try to save me because it is impossible. All you can do now is to get me out of this hospital in order to live my last hour the way that I want. I tried to tell you that I don’t want to be saved, not because I don’t want to live, but because it is impossible and this trying is getting in the way of my happiness and yours. I know that it is hard to let go of me but please try. I know it is hard, but it is the right thing to do. So take my coat and get me out of this hell!!” and so he did.
They took the car and they drove to the nearest forest, to the forest that they first kissed. They lied down on the grass, the watched the stars, they made love and now with time passing so fast it wouldn’t matter if somebody caught them doing whatever. And after an hour she told him: “ok, now you see I mean! I know that I have just a few moments left but I want to tell you something. First of all I love you! I always did and I always will and now if you love you have to promise that you will take care of you. I know that you will cry but after a while please try to live your life like nothing happened and the only times that you may remember me with sadness to be on the day that we first kissed and not on the day of my death. You know, it is realy funny now that I’m dying but I cannot feel pain, or could, or even sadness I’m just happy. I’m so happy that I’m here with you and it feels like I’m going to sleep. Now, maybe you will think that you could do something to save me but it is just an illusion and just think what would you do if you had just one more hour to live? Anyhow, I love you and I will wait till you will be old and you will have to die. I’ll wait for you there, wherever I will be” and so she died peacefully in his hands.
And now, 51 years later after he kept his promise he was dying too, but he wasn’t scared and as she said it was like going to sleep and after all he was happy now he could see the love of his life again and they had so many things to tell each other and so many things to do, after all they had the eternity for all of this and it felt just great.

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Radu spunea...

Shabi, felicitari pentru primul tau post. Mi-ai facut o surpriza placuta prin scrierea acestui post.

Ce sa zic, La mai mult si la mai bine :))


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